ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — In a letter posted on Twitter by St. Louis County Councilman Tim Fitch, County Executive Sam Page is outlining money troubles with the Loop Trolley.

In the letter, Page said the trolley could be insolvent next month if it doesn’t receive at least $200,000 from the county and another $500,000 shortly after to keep the trolley operating into 2020.

A spokesperson for the Loop Trolley Company said if it does not receive funding, it will be forced to stop as soon as Nov. 15.

About $52 million of public and private funds have already been invested in the trolley system, according to the letter.

Page said he wouldn't support an appropriation of county money without investments from other stakeholders like the City of St. Louis.

The county suggested that the trolley company ask the city about contributing funding, but the trolley company told the county the city wasn’t interested in contributing.

The company said to make up for budget shortfalls, it will reduce service starting next week.

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