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10-year-old street performer gives gift of music to kids in hospital

Emma Rew believes in the healing power of music.

ST. CHARLES, Mo. — You don't have to be a child prodigy to turn violin strings into heartstrings.

"I've just always liked helping people and stuff," said 10-year-old Emma Rew.

Emma and her sister Madison believe everything is better with a little music.

For the past few months, they've been coming to downtown St. Charles and opening up a songbook and a violin case.

"We usually tell people pretty quick what their money is going to," explained Emma's mom Erin.

And usually, people think they're hitting just the right note.

This all began one morning on the drive to school.

"She was listening to music," recalled her mom, "and looking out the window and she said you know mom, music just makes me feel so good I would like to give it to kids who are in the hospital who need to feel better."

With mom's help, that notion was put into motion.

Since then, there's been a can drive and a lemonade stand. Not to mention the Go Fund Me Page.

Emma called her project Notes of Love and it's purpose, to collect digital audio players and I-Tunes gift cards for kids in the hospital.

"They're like hurting and they don't feel good and it kind of helps take their mind off of it," Emma told us.

Usually, it's our job to set a good example for our kids but sometimes it's the other way around.

And this week, Emma along with her mom and sister delivered the gift of music to St. Louis Children's Hospital. More than a $1,000 worth of MP3 players and gift cards.

"It's really kind and really shows how genuine kids can really be for one another," said Melody Deweese of Children's Hospital.

And Emma said this is just round one. She's already thinking a few years down the road.

"Well I hope I'm able to help more kids in more states and different countries maybe, "she said.

Notes of love. One young girl making sure that even as kids face life's toughest challenges, the music never stops.