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6-year-old boy helps deliver hundreds of Easter baskets to kids in need

Luke Flerlage brought in 12,221 items for Alleluia Baskets in February, said Alleluia founder Karen Mesler.

O'FALLON, Mo. — Some warehouses are for goods. Others are just for good.

And this stockroom in O'Fallon, Missouri, is to Easter what Santa's workshop is to Christmas.

Welcome to Alleluia Baskets, a nonprofit that spends all year assembling Easter baskets.

"The Easter baskets are geared to go to children who are at living at poverty or below the poverty level," said Alleluia Baskets founder Karen Mesler. "So the underserved."

Everybody that works here is a volunteer and even the littlest believes in something bigger than himself.

"I thought it would be nice to help other people," said 6-year-old Luke Flerlage.

Luke has been offering his services since he showed up with his mom one day, when he was just three.

"When he left that day," Mesler said. "He said, 'I'm going to go home and I'm going to collect more items for you. You need more stuff. We need more people to smile.'"

And like the Easter Bunny himself, Luke has been leaving a trail of kindness ever since.

"So all of our Easter baskets come with a little stuffed animal to love on," Mesler said, showing off an Easter basket.

They're also filled with books, art projects, socks, toothbrushes and toys for the kids.

"Luke came this year in February with 12,221 items!" Mesler said.

It was enough to fill a box trailer.

Credit: KSDK

"So we made a wish list on Amazon and then we kept getting boxes on our porch," Luke said.

"He loves people, seeing them happy. He loves this because he gets to do that,"  Mike Flerlage, Luke's dad, said.

The mission actually began as a school project when Mesler was an 8th grade teacher. Her class delivered 25 baskets that first year.

She started Alleluia a few years later and they now deliver hundreds of baskets all over the St. Louis area.

"Growing up we didn't have a whole lot," Mesler said. "And Easter was really my absolute favorite holiday and it always has been."

And the holiday is fast approaching.

Luke says he can't wait to deliver more smiles.

"I feel like they're really happy," he said. "I think I'm happy. I'm happy, too."

Luke Flerlage and Alleulia Baskets showing us all that the most important thing to put in an Easter basket is heart.

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