ST. LOUIS – A man is facing multiple charges including making a false police report and attempted robbery after police said he lied about trying to rob two men in downtown St. Louis last August.

Police said Patrick J. Owens, 29, attempted to rob two men in downtown St. Louis in the early morning hours of Aug. 26 then told police that he was the one who was robbed. When police reviewed security video, they found Owens was the attempted robber, leading to charges filed Wednesday.

According to the probable cause statement, two men were getting out of a truck on the 1100 block of Lucas Avenue when they were approached by Patrick J. Owens. Police said security footage showed Owens pulling out a gun to rob the victims. The men struggled with Owens and were able to take his gun away, but not before one of them was shot.

When police spoke to Owens, he said the victims attacked him for no reason and stole his gun. Based on his statement, police tracked down the two men, who attempted to hide a gun before talking to police. One of the men was arrested while the other was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

The arrested man was released a short time later.

A few days later, police were given access to security footage that they said proved Owens was lying.

On Feb. 7, he was charged with two counts of first-degree armed robbery, two counts of armed criminal action and one count of making a false report.