MADISON COUNTY, Il -- A man found seriously injured along the shoulder of Interstate 270 in Madison County early Friday morning has been identified by his family.

Illinois State Police announced in a release on Thursday that the man is 27-year-old Dennis P. Roeske of Gillespie, Illinois.

Troopers dispatched to Interstate 270 near Illinois State Route 3 at 5:48 a.m. Friday. They found Roeske curled up against the median wires on the inside shoulder of the westbound lane, near milepost 3.5.

Roeske was taken to a local hospital, but police could not identify him. They released photos of his tattoos in the hopes someone would recognize them.

Police thanked the public for their help in getting the word out. "Because of those efforts, this person has been reunited with his family," the release said.