ST. CHARLES, Mo. – A man is in custody after police say he went on a crime spree through St. Charles early Monday morning and barricaded himself in a family’s home, holding a woman hostage.

The burglaries began around 1 a.m. at Tim Pinkston’s house.

"You could hear the dogs, dogs go crazy,” Pinkston said.

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He says he got up and realized the flap on the doggy door had been ripped off, and his dogs didn’t do it.

"See the keys missing, see the door's open, look outside and see the truck's missing,” he said.

Police now believe a man kidnapped a woman -- with whom he was involved in a domestic violence incident the night before-- and drove her in Pinkston's truck to an apartment complex, where he ditched the truck and the woman but not the crime.

Police say he broke into a house and stole a woman's purse, and he took cash from Garvey Orthodontics before officers spotted him.

He ran away from them taking shelter in a home on McClay Road with a family inside.

“This guy just sprang in from the garage door,” Vinny rice said.

Vinny and his siblings got out, but the man held his mom hostage inside a bedroom and said he had a gun.

"it was pretty nerve-wracking, I'm not gonna lie,” he said.

But police were outside the whole time -- figuring out a plan to get the suspect out.

"I wouldn't want anybody to be shot in my house,” Vinny said.

The suspect was taken into custody, and no one was hurt.

Tim Pinkson even got his truck back before the night was over.

"This was a bad guy that needed to be stopped,” he said.

Police have not yet released the name of the suspect, but they say he has a history of domestic violence and burglaries.