ST. CHARLES - Earlier this week, 5 On Your Side reported about a St. Charles man who lost his life savings to his cable company.

He wrote a check for the wrong amount, a whopping $154,154.

But, after 5 On Your Side’s report Tuesday, AT&T returned the money with one request.

"I feel great," said Mackey. "Christmas has come!"

It all began when Charles Mackey mistakenly generated a check on his computer. Instead of $154, the normal amount for his monthly bill, he posted the number twice.

The revised amount read $154,154.00.

Mackey noticed the problem when that money left his bank account. It was as if the amount just disappeared.

AT&T did not credit him with the amount, and it continued to send monthly bills. He tried to reach the company, but no one would return his calls.

"I couldn't call AT&T and talk to somebody. You can't get a hold of the right people anymore," Mackey said.

After 5 On Your Side contacted the company, things changed dramatically.

"AT&T called me first to let me know they'd done the transfer and then my bank called me maybe 20 minutes later stating that it was all in there. Definitely, a very happy day,” said Mackey.

Mackey said that during the call to let him know the money had been returned, AT&T wanted to know when he would pay his bill. Mackey said he plans to hand write all his checks from now on.

"Five On Your Side, thank you. You did a great thing," Mackey said.