Blount County, Tenn. — On a particularly warm October day in a backyard garden in Blount County, a monster was unearthed.

"This is the fruits of our labor," said Cindy Bryerose. "Yes, the 14-pound monster sweet potato."

Giant sweet potato
This 13.52 sweet potato grown in Blount County holds the record for biggest sweet potato in Tennessee.

Yeah, you read that right.

As of Thursday, it now holds the official record for biggest sweet potato in Tennessee.

"Can you imagine? I have dogs smaller than this," said Bryerose.

Cindy Bryerose wasn't going to plant sweet potatoes in her garden this year.

"Either rabbits or mice or, I don't know, whatever critters live out here ate them," she said. "So this year we were just not gonna do all that."

But there was a sprouting old sweet potato sitting on the kitchen counter.

She threw it in some dirt in a broken down wheelbarrow and let nature do its work.

"You know, a last minute thing," said Bryerose. "But as you can see sometimes those last minute things work out for you."

The Bryeroses forgot about their sweet potato experiment until they started to dig them up Wednesday night.

"I was in the back and when it came in the house I was like oh goodness," said Bryerose.

She also dug up some normal sized sweet potatoes, and one 9 pounder. But the big guy shocked them all.

Sweet potatoes
A 9 pound sweet potato and three normal sized ones sit next to the nearly 14 pounder unearthed in Blount County.

Bryerose weighed it on her bathroom scale and it rung in at 14 pounds.

After weighing it on a grocery store scale, the sweet potato's exact weight is 13.52 pounds.

Bryerose submitted this information to the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth. It's a Guinness World Record recognized group that oversees record-breaking vegetables in Tennessee.

With no other sweet potato weight on record, Bryerose's veggie is the official record holder for biggest sweet potato in the state of Tennessee.

Soon, it'll be sweet potato fries.

The secret to getting a product this big?

"A couple bags of Miracle Grow and East Tennessee weather," said Bryerose.