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'There is no cure' | Medical experts debunk false COVID-19 claims of Jefferson County Health Department board of trustee member

Board member Susan Davis claimed there was a cure for COVID-19 and that herd immunity works to combat the virus

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. — A heated protest, followed by a dramatic meeting of the Jefferson County Health Department board of trustees. 

Suzy Davis, an elected board member was the only one protesting the face mask mandate and the only member not wearing a mask.

She cited Sweden as an example of a country in which herd immunity works to combat the virus. 

5 On Your Side's Brandon Merano asked Dr. Jason Newland, a Washington University Infectious disease specialist, about her claims. 

"Sweden did decide not to do the social distancing and masking and if you look at the data they have the highest mortality rate of any country," said Newland.

Davis, who has no health care experience, also claimed there is a cure for COVID-19. 

"There is a cure with this drug and doctors are seeing a 100% cure rate with it," said Davis.

"There is no treatment for the SARS COV-2 virus or COVID-19 that is curative, there are treatments when you're sick but the best cure is not to get it," added Newland.

And like protesters, Davis is also against a mask mandate.

"We learned in our own backyard from the hairdressers at Great Clips in Springfield, Missouri who cut 140 people's hair while sick and none of them got it, masks work," added Newland.


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