FLORISSANT, Mo. – One local woman is working to feed and keep people warm across the bi-state during one of St. Louis' coldest winters in recent memory.

Cathy Daniels or better known as “Mama Cat” is the founder of “Pot Bangers.” She's been helping the homeless community for years, spreading love one cup of cider and one blanket at a time.

"Between feeding and clothing, we need to take care of our family," Daniels said.

Pot Bangers is an organization that's braved the cold for years for one reason — to keep people warm

"Our neighbors are unhoused have nowhere to go," she said.

Mama Cat made cider and soup on Friday for the people living on the streets of St. Louis. And she made it the only way she knows how—with love.

"When we bring this, we want people to know we do love them; we do care about them," she said.

She was once in the same position of the people she's helping.

"I had days when I didn't know where I was going to lay my head out at night as well,” she said.

Mama Cat was homeless. Her past inspired her to create her volunteer based organization.

"When we say we must love and support each other, we have to be real about that,” she said.

Mama cat and her volunteers brought a load of winter items and food to people living on the streets of downtown St. Louis on Friday. She's a woman who's taking it day by day to make the world a better place.

"If it's changing the world I don't know, but hopefully it will change the heart of other people,” she said.

Pot Bangers volunteers normally pass out food and winter items every Thursday, but because of the frigid temperatures Mama Cat and her volunteers will now be out every day.

Mama Cat said she could not do what she does without her volunteers and the people in the community who donate to her cause.

If you would like to help by donating, contact Cathy Daniels at (757)-897-5212.