With Yogi Berra, Joe Garagiola and Yadier Molina, it's safe to say St. Louis knows a thing or two about Major League Baseball catchers.

But there's one Hall of Famer who may now be public enemy number one in our town.

Former Mets and Dodgers star Mike Piazza is now part owner of a soccer team in Italy.

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He did an interview with the New York Times this week. Since St. Louis is trying to bring a team here, the paper asked Piazza if he'd be interested in owning it.

Piazza said, "I'd rather be poor in Italy than based in St. Louis. You can't get a good meal there!"

We're thinking our friends on The Hill might have something to say about that.

WATCH - Cusumano to Piazza: We will find you and we will feed you