ST. LOUIS — A military family calls it a living nightmare. They've been without their belongings for more than a month.

It's the latest in a series of complaints we've heard about Titan Moving and Storage Van Lines Corporation.

Hope Choate is at the end of her rope.

“It's been a crazy, crazy month to say the least,” she said.

In May, she and her family moved from Illinois to Virginia with her Army husband. They made it to their new house just fine. But most of the furniture they’re now using was borrowed or bought on Craigslist when they arrived.

“It's been a challenge on all of us in ways that, what's not ours makes us miss what's ours even more.”

The Choate’s stuff is being stored in a warehouse in Indiana. Even special things belonging to her children.

“My son just had a fifth birthday with his dad, before we moved. And all of his new toys he didn't even get to open are gone,” said Choate.

The Choates hired Titan Moving and Storage Van Lines Corporation based in Chantilly, Virginia. They've already paid more than $1,600 for the job.

The contract clearly says the company has 30 business days from the first available date of June sixth to deliver. With that deadline approaching, Choate says she called the company and got nothing but the runaround.

“They're like, 'Oh we technically still have 21 days because you can't include the weekends in that month,'” she said.

The family tells us they can't get a straight answer on when they'll get their things back. And the company itself seems to be a little confused.

5 On Your Side called to get some answers, but nobody returned our calls.

In a previous conversation, a member of Titan's legal team seemed to go against the contract.

Remember that 30 days we told you about? The person we talked to told us it's actually only 21 days. That would make them late on Choate's delivery.

So, which is it? We're still waiting for an answer.

Meanwhile, Hope Choate's family is still waiting for their things. The whole ordeal has her doubting whether she'll ever see their stuff again.

“I think it's gone, to be honest.”

This is the third story we've done on problems with Titan Moving and Storage Van Lines. So, 5 On Your Side partnered with our sister station in Washington D.C. to check out the company in person. But, when we went to the address listed on their website, it didn't appear the company is even based there.

It’s just one more question we're working to get answered.