You’ve heard it before: millennials spend too much of their money on brunch and avocado toast to be able to save for a home. But that’s not the case in St. Louis, where STL Realtors president Barry Upchurch says 40% of all homes sold are bought by millennials.

“St. Louis is ranked tenth out of the top 100 metropolitan areas in the United States for being the place for millennial ownership,” he said.

Part of the city’s appeal is that with so many older and historic buildings, there are still plenty of options as new-construction slows across the country. He adds that the market is growing into exactly what millennials are looking for: move-in ready, more urban and walkable neighborhoods, with nearby parks and pet-friendly areas.

“My generation, we wanted to have an acre yard and maintain the yard,” he said of the baby boomers.

“[Millennials] would rather be in a condo or a villa.”

Across the country, millennials are burdened by student loans and do not feel financially ready to take on a mortgage. Others are even staying with family members rather than renting a place.

“Make sure you get the risk that you're comfortable with,” said Upchurch. He says people are using their family connections to get creative with their finances. “About 25 percent of millennials actually get money from family members to help do their down payment.”

Upchurch says millennials are buying and moving within 2 or 3 years, though a 5-year minimum is still average. He adds to talk to a lender to find out more options based on personal situations, but calls St. Louis a buyer’s market for young people.

“St. Louis has got a really great vibe to it and I'm really looking for millennials owning more and more St. Louis homes because they're going to make it a better place for all of us.”