BRENTWOOD, Mo. – A sneaky reptile sent students home in Brentwood.

Friday morning, staff discovered a 70-pound boa constrictor in the Brentwood High School science classroom was not in its enclosure.

Custodial staff searched for it, but could not find it. School administrators called animal control, who brought in a “snake-sniffing dog”.

After the dog could not find the snake, Brentwood Superintendent Brian Lane decided to send students home a couple of hours early out of “an abundance of caution.”

The campus is made up of Brentwood Middle School and High School, with about 400 students.

Once students were off campus, animal control used thermal imaging and found the snake under the floorboards of the science classroom.

“It’s pretty crazy. It doesn't seem real. It’s definitely a story to tell,” said Jonas Wall, an eighth-grade student.

A latch on the enclosure was loose. The boa constrictor, named Boa, will eventually return to the classroom with a more secure latch.