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Missouri attorney general investigating Loop Lofts vacate notice

Residents still don't have answers from management.

ST. LOUIS — Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s office is looking into what’s going on at Loop Lofts Apartments.

They were affected by flooding and some residents were told they had to move out by Monday. 

Loop Lofts Resident Janayah Dunlap said she lost everything on the first floor of her apartment in the flood that overwhelmed the area nearly two weeks ago.

“All the water that came in through the main door drained down the hallway and came directly into my unit,” Dunlap said.

After the damage had been done, a resident of loop lofts said in a complaint to Attorney General Eric Schmitt they were told via email on Aug. 2 that they had until August 5 to decide if they wanted to leave or not. Then, on Aug. 5, everything changed and notices were put on their doors saying they must move out by Monday. Dunlap said many of them don’t have the resources to move or anywhere to go.

“This is going to make some of us homeless, this is going to take everything. The flood took everything and now the leasing company is going to come and take everything else,” Dunlap said.

5 On Side’s Laura Barczewski asked Dunlap, “Have you heard any communication from the managers of the owner giving you any kind of option to live in another unit or?”

She responded, “Nothing. Nothing and there are units that are wide open.”

So we tried to get answers for them from management on site and were referred to a person at the management company, 2B Residential, who did not take our call.

The attorney general's office said the Consumer Protection Division is looking into the situation.

"We have received a consumer complaint on this issue, and have reached out to the business to attempt mediation as is typical for consumer complaints," Attorney General Press Secretary Chris Nuelle said.

Another resident said they talked with the City of St Louis this morning about what's going on and got a few answers.

“I tried to get a hold of the city inspector, I was able to get a hold of occupancy rights. And they went ahead and told me that our building and none of the buildings around us have been condemned. So there's no order to leave,” Loop Lofts resident Katelyn Wolcott said.

It's still unclear legally what rights the owner has and what rights the tenants have in this situation and the lease isn't clear either.

We are working to get more answers.

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