ST. LOUIS — Adoptees over the age of 18 and born in Missouri now have access to something they've never had before - their original birth certificate.

The Missouri Adoptee Rights Act went into effect in August of 2016 but Tuesday was the first day the state delivered the certificates to adoptees born in 1941 and later.

On October 1, 2017, the Department of Health and Senior Services began accepting applications from Missouri-born adoptees who wish to request a copy of their Original Birth Certificate.

One of those adoptees is Randy Kosark who lives in Franklin County near Washington, MO. He was born in St. Louis and adopted as a newborn and for more than thirty years he's searched for his birth parents.

Tuesday, Kosark received his original birth certificate and learned his mother Dorothy Rowe's maiden name of Warren and within minutes had more leads in a search that had nearly gone cold.

"It's fantastic but it's one more piece to this puzzle I'm not there yet," said Kosark. He also learned his birth mother has passed away but he's hopefully he may find his birth father, a brother, or sister.

For more information on acquiring an original birth certificate, visit this link.