TROY, Mo. — MoDOT crews based out of Troy, Missouri, are on standby as the first winter weather of the season comes through Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

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Because of warm ground temperatures, MoDOT is not concerned about road surfaces freezing, but they will keep a close eye on bridges and overpasses.

"We’ve got our salt supply in and we’ve got our trucks outfitted so when our crews have to come back in, we’re ready to go," said Erik Maninga, a MoDOT engineer based out of Troy.

If nothing else, it will be a good test run for this department that spent $20 million dollars more in snow treatment and salt last year than the winter the year before.

"Hopefully we won’t see as severe of a winter as we did last year," Maninga said.

Meanwhile, Jeff Garrett, who commutes daily from Chesterfield to Downtown St. Louis, is worried about the terror this will bring to his morning commute.

"Just bumper to bumper all the way down," he said.

"Well that’s Missouri. I keep my clothes out year-round because you never know," says Nikky Kesmann, another frequent interstate traveler.

MoDOT suggests a few tips for Thursday morning commuters:

  1. Check your tire pressure.
  2. Refill windshield wiper fluid
  3. Leave early for work

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