BRENTWOOD, Mo. – You've heard of a Peeping Tom. Apparently, there's also a Peeping Drone. A Brentwood woman says a drone was hovering outside her bathroom window while her daughters were in the bathroom.

"I felt very violated," Lorena Veresh said. "I felt like my children had been violated. It's just creepy."

Veresh says her 11-year-old told her about it.

"She said she was in there with her sister and she heard this noise and she looked out and it was outside the window on the top part where you can see in because the bottom part is frosted," Veresh said. "She was dressed, luckily, but it made me wonder how many times has this happened?"

Her daughter explained that it actually happened last week. Veresh is a teacher and realized kids might not know what to do in this particular situation.

"We were upstairs talking about something else and then all of a sudden she remembered," she said. "That made me think about, I needed to talk to them, and then I talked to my sixth-grade students today about it, too."

Veresh also told her neighbors and learned some have had similar experiences.

"One of them told me that there is a neighbor on this street that has one who was flying it into her yard, watching her children in the yard," she said. "Why do people need a drone? I mean, I know they're fun but they can invade people’s privacy, too."

Interim Police Chief James McIntyre says he's not aware of any other reports of peeping drones. A city spokesperson says the City of Brentwood does not currently have any ordinances related to drones.

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