For the first time in history... the sitting U.S. president met with the leader of North Korea. Tuesday morning local time, Pres. Trump formally met face-to-face with Kim Jong-un in Singapore, which began with a photo-op, then a lunch and some behind-the-scenes discussion. During their talks, the two signed a denuclearization declaration, spawning what could be a withstanding deal between the two countries.

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She had enlisted in the Air Force, but now... she's been fired from her job after a video shows her and her friends repeatedly saying the N-word. The woman in the video, who worked at Social Bar in south St. Louis County, was promptly removed from her job after the video went viral around the country. In response, the U.S. Air Force said they were made aware of her actions and plan to investigate.

Step up to the plate to donate blood... with the help of your favorite Redbirds. Starting Tuesday, the Red Cross is teaming up with the Cardinals to donate blood, and lots of it, with over 20 locations to help out at. The blood drive event runs through Thursday and will feature both Fredbird and Team Fredbird, and even an exclusive Cardinals t-shirt.

LAUGH | IHOP is no more. Instead, it's the International House of... Not breakfast. Not bacon. Not even bologna. Instead, it's exactly what everyone thought it would be: burgers. Yes, burgers. We all go to IHO(B) for burgers.

STRANGE | Florida man arrested for stealing 2 donuts after paying for 1 — Surprising to no one, Walmart later said they lost a total of $1.16 from the lowkey theft. He was charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. Oh, also trespassing.