Michael Kiernan's antique motorcycle restoration business, Kiernan Cycles, sits in the shadow of the Saint Louis University medical school campus. Although he's been there for 14 years, most drive by without noticing.

But Kiernan's noticed, over the years, why St. Louis is perfect for his niche business.

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"I'm not sure I could do this anywhere else in the world," Kiernan says in his Australian accent. "Because of the central location, the low cost of living, just the way people are friendly here, conducive to business, it's the heartland of America, it's fantastic."

And what's truly fantastic, is a quick look around Kiernan's showroom. It's not open to the public; Kiernan's handles his select clientele privately.

On the day we stopped by, he was taking pictures of a fully restored 1913 Henderson four cylinder motorcycle.

Back in the shop, Kiernan's mechanic, Justin, revs the engine on a 1921 Harley Davidson that hadn't been used since 1980.

Kiernan's wife went to Washington University and the couple met in Australia.

Kiernan explains his love of St. Louis with some classic Australian ironic wit.

"I'm an underachiever, and I love it here," he jokes. "If you can't get yourself together in St. Louis, that's a problem."