A woman is furious about a proposed plea deal for the people accused of killing her 70-year-old father inside his Franklin County home.

On November 3, 2016, Ken Allen's body was found face-down and hog-tied. His daughter, Kathy Allen, says her mom called with the heartbreaking news.

"She was in hysterics crying saying, 'dad is dead,'" Allen said. "His feet and hands were bound behind his back."

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The house was a mess and items were missing. By February, Blake Schindler, Timothy Wonish, and Whitney Robins were charged with first degree burglary, possession of stolen goods, and second-degree murder.

"Of course I want justice," Allen said.

But in August, Allen learned Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Parks is proposing a plea deal.

"That they will plead guilty to first degree burglary for which they will serve ten years, the possession of stolen goods is dropped, and the charge of second degree murder is amended to involuntary manslaughter for which they will serve seven years and these sentences are to be served concurrently," Allen said.

Allen and her family members are furious.

"They serve less years for killing my dad than for the burglary," she said. "He has proposed something that makes total light of my father's death."

This Friday, a judge will either accept or reject the plea deal.

"I am sorry that the family of Ken Allen does not agree with my handling of this case," Parks said in a statement to 5 On Your Side. "As the Prosecuting Attorney of Franklin County, it is my duty to see that Justice is done in every case. I believe the agreement for which two of the three defendants have pled guilty and will be sentenced on Friday October 20th is the best for all parties."

The hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Friday at the courthouse in Union. Allen says protesters are planning to gather there at noon.

"I want the judge to reject this plea deal because the charge of involuntary manslaughter does not fit the crime," she said.