ST. LOUIS — Pets that were displaced after the Nashville tornadoes will be coming to St. Louis to look for forever homes.

The Nashville Humane Association is struggling to keep up with pets that are coming in to their shelters, so Stray Rescue is helping, according to a press release.

 “Our shelter is also full, but we know the St. Louis community is very generous and will help us help these dogs who need us. We will take as many as we can find loving foster homes for,” Stray Rescue Executive Director Cassady Caldwell said in the release. “We will always lend a helping hand to our neighbors.”

Stray Rescue will transport dogs to St. Louis this week. The dogs are vaccinated, spayed and neutered and ready for fostering.

Foster families are given all supplies they need. Stray Rescue will provide all medical care, beds and blankets, a crate, toys and treats. All dogs will be available for adoption, too.

For more information on fostering a dog, click here.

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