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National 'No Beard' Day sparks debate about facial hair trends

Men should wash it twice a day because oil, dirt, and food can build up in the hairs.

ST. LOUIS — To shave or not to shave—it’s a question many men ask themselves.

October 18 is “National No Beard” Day. Despite the push to go sans hair, at Dapper Gents barber, in downtown St. Louis, they’ve seen more clients come in with beards.

Hairstylist, Brooke Koleson, said it’s important to make sure men take care of their facial hairs.

“A lot of your hair grows in curly and when it’s first growing out and it’s getting curly, and it curves over and pokes the skin, it might irritate it a little bit,” she said.

Koleson recommends using a beard oil or moisturizer.

“Putting oil on it definitely helps nourish your skin as well especially because most beard oils have a vitamin E base to them. So just keeping those curls nourished and so they’re not thirsty will also help keep your skin healthy as well,” said Koleson.

Dr. Caroline Mann, a dermatologist at Washington University at Barnes-Jewish Hospital said beards should be cared for just like the rest of your face. Men should wash it twice a day because oil, dirt, and food can build up in the hairs. Dr. Mann recommends applying a moisturizer like a beard oil once a day and using a bristle brush to comb it.

Dr. Mann also said beards won’t cause acne but if men aren’t careful with how they trim their hairs, they could get rashes.

“When trimming the beard hair, make sure you do not trim the hair too short. This should keep the hair from turning inward and causing breakouts or razor bumps,” Dr. Mann recommend.

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