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Neighbors reflect as seventh anniversary of Michael Brown shooting nears

People in Ferguson say the neighborhood is healing and progressing forward since Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer on Aug. 9, 2014

FERGUSON, Mo. — Over the past seven years, the name of the Ferguson apartment complex where Michael Brown was fatally shot has changed, but for people still living at the former Canfield Green Apartments, one memory remains the same. 

"It tore this community a part," resident Darell Howard said.

Howard and Beverly Bowers, another resident, look at the Michael Brown memorial Sunday, reminded of a day they'll never forget. 

"It galvanized the country and brought some things to light," Howard said.

"The march, the protesting out on the streets, I remember all of that," Bowers said.

Resident Latasha Brown said the neighborhood is healing.

"It gave us the opportunity that some of our issues just come because we're lacking resources. People were more willing to talk about what they needed and what they've seen in the community," Brown said.

The death of Michael Brown lead to revitalization efforts with a new Boys and Girls Club, a Mercy Health Clinic and the Ferguson Empowerment Center that sits where a QuikTrip burned down during the riots.

But Howard and Bowers said real change comes with police reform.

"I have Black nephews. I have Black friends. I have Black sons. I'm getting ready to have a Black grandson. All of that, we still have to tell them to be careful," Bowers said.

"We are the community. We are asking you to help us, but in order for you to help us, we want to help you, but if you're not trying to engage us, we're beating ourselves up against the wall," Howard said.

The Mike Brown Chosen for Change Foundation is hosting a gathering in Brown's honor on Canfield Drive on Monday at 10:30 a.m.

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