ST. LOUIS – Law enforcement has a message for drug-impaired motorists: Drive high, get a DUI. It’s a new campaign launching Friday.

Since 420 is a slang used for cannabis, authorities are using April 20 to unveil this first-ever drugged-driving enforcement campaign.

Law enforcement will be out in force on April 19 and 20 looking for people who are driving under the influence of marijuana.

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Cannabis is now legalized for recreational and medicinal use in many states, but it is still illegal in all states to drive under the influence of it.

The Missouri Department of Transportation said the consequence are serious and real. In 2018, 78 people were killed and more than 140 were seriously injured in accidents involving at least one drug-impaired driver.

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety reminds motorists to find another way home. Have a sober designated driver, call a cab or use public transportation. It wants people to know if you feel different, you drive different.