A new brewery is set to open Downtown on Olive Street right next to Pappy’s smokehouse on Friday. It’s called, 'Center Ice Brewery' and its founder, 29-year-old Steve Albers, has a serious passion for hockey and brewing beer.

The place has been in the works for more than 6 years and Albers expects to tap his dozens of craft brews in a few months. We caught up with Albers inside the brewery as the finishing touches are being made.

He said, "It couldn't be a better time in St. Louis hockey history to be a hockey fan here and since hockey is in my blood and it’s an extension of my personality this just fits. I want this to be the hub for the St. Louis hockey community. I pray to god the Stanley Cup makes its way here when we win it."

Even though the brewery is new, there's a lot of history inside. Albers is using reclaimed wood from the St. Louis Arena where the Blues used to play before it was torn down in 1999.

The idea is to give life to the Blues history by whipping up a little nostalgia for fans who come to celebrate the success of the Blues Today.