WENTZVILLE, Mo. — When most people see this video they see two kids fighting, one hitting the other blow after blow.

But when Billy Mayhill watches this video, he sees himself.

"It's pretty hard to watch, it's really hard when you've been in that position, you've been that kid on the floor," Mayhill said.

The fists were thrown at Wentzville Middle School.

In the video, you can see a student being punched 19 times in the head, face and sides as he tries to protect himself. The assault lasted more than 10 seconds.

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"This is one of those stories that really touch home for me," Mayhill said,

Mayhill is the owner of STL Youth Sports Outreach.

In an effort to help the boys move forward, he is offering both students involved in the fight 10 tickets each to a Cardinals Game.

"I rather see them watch a baseball game, maybe catch a Bryce Harper fly ball," he said,

When asked if he thought this would be seen as rewarding the bully, he didn't think so.

"I wouldn't say it's rewarding, I mean I would say it's one of those things to where he has to see that this kid he's attacking, he's another kid."

Billy said at one point he was also the boy in the blue.

And in his experience, it was something that brought him to his boiling point.

"Every child, every bully has been a bully at one point. You know they've been bullied themselves, no child just woke up saying 'I want to bully somebody.'"

So what do bats and home runs have to do with bullying?

Well, Billy said what better way to bond and mend fences than watching America's favorite pastime. 

"It's simple, baseball is universal, everybody loves baseball. It brings everybody together. It brought us together with Mark Mcquire and Sammy Sosa baseball is America."

Billy is also offering free custom jerseys to both children.

He said he spoke with the dad of the boy being attacked, who he told him he's on board.