ST. LOUIS — We've all probably seen one or two around the house and most of us probably don't want them there.

We're talking about spiders, but not just any arachnid.

It's the poisonous Brown Recluse and the number people seeing them in their homes throughout Illinois and Missouri has skyrocketed this year.

His business usually gets about 25-30 calls a week, but this year his employees are averaging anywhere from 50-75 calls weekly.

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Gary Rottler with Rottler pest control says it has a lot to do with the cold winter and warm start to summer.

"It' immediately jumped up to 80 or 90 degrees and we just had an explosion this year with the Brown Recluse so we're getting lots of calls. Normally we get calls in older parts of town like Kirkwood and Webster but this year we're getting calls everywhere and it doesn't matter if it's an older home or brand new construction," explained Rottler.

There are ways to keep the creepie crawlies out of your house without calling a professional by using things like glue traps, sprays, and bug bombs.

You can also call the professionals, who most of the time offer free inspections.