O'FALLON, Ill. — A district in O’Fallon, Illinois, approved a change to its equal-opportunity policy Tuesday that will allow students to go by the name they want in school.

O’Fallon district 90’s school board voted to allow kids to wear their preferred names on their student IDs and non-legal documents.

It’s a big deal for transgender students, who sometimes don’t identify with their given names.

Previously, students were required to go by their legal names.

A former student in the district, who is transgender, said the change is significant.

CJ Casconi told 5 On Your Side transgender kids already have to fight for people to see them for who they are. This is now one less battle.

“It’s a little bit of validation and acceptance. I get that from the outside, it looks trivial, but for someone who's impacted by this, it's a massive validation. We see you, we're with you,” Casconi said.

This amended policy also says kids will play sports corresponding to their biological gender unless otherwise approved by the athletic association.

Students will also use gender neutral bathrooms or the restroom that corresponds to their biological sex.