BSR Services is one of the largest snow removal companies in St. Louis. With 500 employees, they will be out in full force this weekend clearing parking lots. 

Their customers include hospitals, retail businesses and numerous local companies. 

On Thursday they started to pre-treat many parking lots with a brine solution. 

Brine is a more environmentally friendly treatment than just using rock salt and is more efficient. 

“We get 100% on the lot, it sticks and stays, it’s unlike salt that can blow away or track with car tires. And it doesn’t track inside the buildings,” said Carl Bolm, CEO of BSR Services. 

Many of their clients are concerned about the environment and appreciate that BSR is using the Brine. 

“They understand the environment, they’re interested in it and they’re searching out for those companies that are also in alignment with them being eco-friendly,” said Bolm. 

Overall, Bolm estimates a 30% reduction in salt use.