BRYAN, Texas - Nearly one month ago, Wheeler Ridge in Bryan was turned upside down.

"I opened the front door and the wind's just blowing and I went back inside the house and it was over," said resident Carl Cooper. "I come back out, it's like a whole new world out here."

Cooper's home was right in the path of the EF1 tornado. Just down the street, Barbara Wessel felt like she was in a different world.

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"There was something circular on my porch with a bunch of trash in it and I didn't' realize what it was and I thought to myself, 'I feel like I'm in Oz,' and I shut the door and went and watched TV," said Wessel.

Both Cooper and Wessel had damage to their homes but just a quick walk down the street, progress was obvious.

Cooper says the storm brought out the best in the community.

"You really never know how good people really are until you go through, I hate to say it, something like this," said Cooper.

Wessel says it was he neighbors that helped her get by.

"I was worried about my food and so across the street, they loaned me a great big chest to put my food in," said Wessel.

Several homes in Wheeler Ridge are still without power and others are condemned.