St. LOUIS — Operation Food Search has one mission.

“To reduce childhood hunger,” said Brian Wieher.

Their enemy lives in the stomachs of every hungry boy and girl in the region.

“Unfortunately, one of the coping mechanisms we're hearing is putting your children to bed at five or six and have them sleep through the hunger to know that they are hungry,” said Brian wieher.

In an effort to combat the fight, they made a move about two years ago opening new doors and even adding an industrial kitchen.

“Our classes we are teaching healthy eating and how to stretch your food budget through the whole week,” said registered dietitian, Carmen Berry.

They also take their program out into the community when possible. They also have after school program designed to refuel children to get them to the next part of their day.

Many kids in the region rely on school breakfast and lunch as their main meals of the day. This added up to about 60 percent of there over all nutrition intake. When winter break comes, schools are closed and they don’t have that opportunity.

The after-school meals program at selected library doesn't shut down for the holidays so it’s still a great resource for struggling families.

Operation Food Search wants you to know there are places you can call or go to get help.

“Your local school they have resources, your local church has resources, there is the hunger hotline or call a food bank or pantry and they will help you down the path to getting the resources you need,” said Brian Wieher.

For more information, click here or call the Hunger Hotline at 314-726-5355 *1.