A bloody and violent weekend rocked St. Louis leaving 14 people wounded or killed in a dozen shootings as of Monday.

One of the victims was a 5-year-old boy. The 5-year-old survived a gunshot wound to the chest.

Now, a north St. Louis boy who is just a year older has a viral video on Facebook pleading for an end to the violence.

Jeffrey Laney, 6, shared his fears over the violence. His mother's cousin, 31-year-old Eugene Bates, spends time with Jeffrey.

Bates says he was randomly shot while driving on Interstate-70. Bates says he watches the news with Jeffrey and tries to put the crime into context by explaining to him that it’s wrong.

Licensed clinical therapist and founder of non-profit K.H.A.O.S Incorporated Candice Cox agrees with teaching children right from wrong, especially when they're surrounded by violence, toxic stress and trauma.

Cox encourages parents to teach their kids that violence is not ok, but that it is ok to share their fears, concerns and disappointments.

K.H.A.O.S. incorporated helped more than 500 St. Louis area kids last year impacted by trauma and violence. They work with St. Louis schools and the Boys and Girls Club. You can learn more about K.H.A.O.S. by clicking here.