Summer break has arrived. While most kids are jumping for joy, there are some who are wondering if they'll go hungry without the meals they rely on at school. So, Operation Food Search is hoping to ease their fears.

The program will run Monday through Friday through August 11th. Trucks full of nutritious food will stop at 60 different sites each day. The goal is to hand out 100,000 meals. It’s a huge effort for a huge need.

“There are enough children who go hungry in our community to fill Busch Stadium four times,” said Operation Food Search Executive Director Sunny Schaefer.

For many underprivileged children, summer is the worst time of year.

“It's really a struggle because parents and caregivers rely on the free breakfast and lunch at school,” said Schaefer.

When children don't get those meals, they can't grow and develop as they should. But it's not only a physical problem.

“When you pile on all this stress of not having enough to eat, or worried if you're going to have something tomorrow, or going to bed hungry and waking up the next morning with no food in the house, it's a terrible way to live,” said Schaefer.

So, the program hopes to fill their stomachs, and ease their minds

“Kids can depend on us that they're going to get those meals,” said Schaefer.

Any child who shows up to an Operation Food Search site will receive a meal, there's no need to pre-register. To find a location near you, text 'food' to 877-877, or visit