JENNINGS, Mo. — Project volunteers will head to Jennings High School Monday morning to work alongside staff members of the school system and the St. Louis County Police Department to revamp the school's swimming pool area.

Since 2015, the police department has used the swimming pool for the swimming program it offers through its Police Athletic League (PAL).

The league offers a variety of sports and games to children in the community, with the goals of teaching new skills while also building relationships.

Sgt. Jennifer Williams, who heads the league, said swimming is the most popular program.

"We always have a wait list," Williams said. "We do our best to accommodate as many as possible."

Williams said the one-hour class offered seasonally throughout the year teaches kids the fundamentals of swimming. She said she's seen the difference it makes.

"We've had them almost have heart attacks in the water, sick to their stomachs they’re so worried," Williams. "They can swim laps. They're jumping off the diving board."

Williams said the project to upgrade the pool will including repainting the space, fixing a leak in the pool, replacing a rusty diving board and pool deck and replacing the lights.

The upgrades will help with aesthetics as well as bringing it up to standards, allowing it to be used more for the school and greater community.

Williams said the project will be made possible by 5 On Your Side, a number of community donations and volunteers from the police department and school district.