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Dog chained outside without water found dead in backyard. Its body temp was 106 degrees.

Harris County Precinct One animal cruelty investigators were called out after a video surfaced showing the dog suffering in a backyard.
Credit: Harris County Pct. 1 Sheriff's Office

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — The death of a Harris County dog found chained outdoors in the intense heat has resulted in an animal cruelty investigation, and a reminder for all owners to protect their dogs during the hot summer months.

Precinct One constable deputies posted a warning to dog owners Wednesday about leaving their pets outdoors, especially for long periods of time and without proper shade when the weather is hot.

“Protect your pets from the heat!” The post said.

Recently, officers were at a home in the 2800 block of Loganberry Park where a dog with a metal chain around its neck that had been weighted down was found in the backyard.

They found out about the creature after a concerned resident sent a video to the Houston SPCA. Deputies said it showed the pet gasping for air.

Its external body temperature was 122 degrees, and his internal temperature was measured at 106.5 degrees. They believe the dog had been left out for a long period of time. There was also no shade, water or food around for the dog.

Constable deputies said there’s a chance the case will be given to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office once the investigation is finished.

If you ever see any signs of animal cruelty, you can report them to our Animal Cruelty Hotline at (832) 927-1659.


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