OVERLAND, Mo. – Imagine getting a bill saying you used 139,000 gallons of water, the equivalent of about 14 swimming pools.

Most of us turn the water on an off and never think of the bill at the end of the month. But if your bill was more than $600 for a month, you might be a little more conservative.

After we heard about one family's $660 water bill, we put in a few calls to Missouri American Water to see what was going on.

The family called last week to dispute the large bill, but after 5 On Your Side got involved Thursday, we had the issue resolved within an hour.

We found out the family would be getting a $520 credit back from their $660 bill due to a mistake.

"It looks like she was billed back to 2014 which was the last time we got an actual read of the meter, but she only moved in according to our records on may of 2017, so she got billed for quite a bit of water that was actually not hers. That kind of mistake can unfortunately happen," said Brian Russell with Missouri American Water