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'Waste of money': People concerned with car break-ins in downtown St. Louis parking garage

Leon King found his pickup truck's window shattered on Monday morning. He says it's the second time in three weeks at the 707 Pine St. parking garage.

ST. LOUIS — You could say Leon King's day started off on the wrong foot Monday morning, after finding his car broken into on the 7th floor of this Pine Street parking garage.

He said this is the second time it's happened in three weeks, and he's looking to the City for answers.

"I leave my residence and everything around 11:20 a.m., I notice that the passenger side window was shattered, completely shattered and I'm like oh man not again, then I look inside and my radio system was stolen," King said.

That's how Leon King found his pickup truck Monday morning in the parking garage at 707 Pine Street, but it's not the first time. 

A similar incident happened to his Mustang on October 25.

"They damaged the small quarter panel on the driver's side. They drilled a hole inside of my door, where you put the key in to turn it. Then they drilled a hole inside of the car, they were trying to steal the car but they were unsuccessful," King said.

In other parts of downtown, the City's Public Safety Director Daniel Isom addressed car break-ins over the weekend during Monday's briefing.

"Break-ins continue to be an issue. There were 12 reported incidents of car break-ins with three stolen weapons," King said.

The Treasurer's Office sent a statement saying they're aware of the break-ins in the area and have security footage available for up to 14 days.

When a police report is made in that timeframe and police request video, they provide the footage on a thumb drive to deliver directly to law enforcement.

"I called the police, nobody came out, collected evidence, none of that. I filed a police report but nothing came about it," King said.

King said police showed up the second time and he's hoping they'll do something about it.

"We pay $115 a month to park here, and not to have a secure vehicle in the garage it's a problem, it's a problem because it feels as if it's a waste of money," King said.

The 12 car break-ins reported by Isom over the weekend did not happen at this parking garage.

The St. Louis Police Department and the Treasurer's Office are working to provide more information on reported car break-ins and the surveillance footage at this location.