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People in St. Louis' Mark Twain neighborhood speak out after ongoing crime

"Years ago, our neighborhood was quiet and safe. Now, the crime is just out of control," said one neighbor.

ST. LOUIS — Six months ago, Rachelle White moved back into the Mark Twain neighborhood with her kids.

"It was very quiet back then. I lived here 10 years ago," White said.

The north side mom now sees a much different picture.

"It's very unsettling. I have children. I hear gunshots every day," White said.

Monday night she saw more police officers and more violence in her neighborhood.

Police went to Union Boulevard and West Florissant Avenue to investigate a double shooting that left a man dead.

"It's just sad that we have to raise our kids like this. You know I don't know their issue. I don't know why they can't just talk to each other, and I don't know why they have to use guns," the concerned mom also said.

Pam Boyd, who is alderwoman of the 27th Ward, said she was not available to talk on camera.

Boyd told 5 On Your Side shootings, drug dealing, and other serious crimes have ruined this neighborhood for years.

We checked with police, and they said in the past four years they have been called to the area near Union Boulevard and Harney for a number of crimes including multiple shots fired calls, a strong armed-robbery and a drug overdose.

"It's poverty-stricken and there's nothing to do," Enzie Walton said.

This is why Walton said many, including teenagers, have turned to violence.

Walton has lived in the Mark Twain neighborhood for 40 years.

He said if his neighborhood had more positive programs for teens and job opportunities, the crime might take another turn.

"If the community had more resources. I think the community could thrive better," Walton said.

"I hope and pray my community just gets better," Rachelle White said.

A long-time business owner also spoke out.

He told 5 On Your Side in many cases, many people who do not live in the Mark Twain neighborhood, go there and cause problems.

The business-owner now plans to call city hall.

He would like to see more community leaders and his neighbors come together and talk about the gun violence and other issues.

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