The St. Louis County Police Department will participate in the National Take Back Initiative on Saturday, Oct. 28.

Police will be accepting unused, unwanted or found prescription drugs at 12 locations from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The locations are as follows:

  • North County Recreational Complex: 2577 Redman Road, St Louis MO 63136
  • City of Hanley Hills Substation: 7713 Utica, Hanley Hills MO 63133
  • City of Green Park City Hall: 11100 Mueller Road #2, Green Park MO 63123
  • Grantwood Village City Hall: 1 Missionary Ridge, St Louis MO 63123
  • Village of Marlborough City Hall: 7826 Wimbledon, Marlborough MO 63119
  • South County Precinct: 324 Sappington Barracks, St Louis MO 63125
  • City of Fenton Precinct Station (in Municipal Building): 625 Smizer Mill Road, Fenton MO 63026
  • City of Wildwood Precinct Station (in Municipal Building): 16860 Main Street, Wildwood MO 63040
  • West County Precinct: 232 Vance Road, Valley Park MO 63088
  • City of Twin Oaks City Hall: 1393 Big Bend Blvd Suite F, Twin Oaks MO 63021
  • City of Winchester City Hall: 109 Lindy Blvd, Winchester MO 63021
  • City of Jennings Precinct: 5445 Jennings Station Road, Jennings MO 63136

Local police coordinate with the DEA to host these collection events to remove potentially dangerous substances from medicine cabinets,