LEMAY, Mo. — It wasn’t the typical item left in a donation box. Now, workers at an American Legion post in south St. Louis County are on the track to reunite the sentimental item with the family who is missing it.

Workers came across a Purple Heart medal that was dropped off at the Sons of the Legion Post 162 in Lemay. It was mixed in with several other donation items, explained a woman who reached out to 5 On Your Side.

“We would like to get it back to its original owner or his family,” she said Friday evening, in hopes that someone out there reading this story might recognize name inscribed on the medal.

The name on the back is Herbert L. Janssen.

On Saturday, she reached back out to 5 On Your Side saying the legion post had made contact with Janssen's family and they are working to get the medal back to their family.

Thanks to everyone who reached out and helped Sons of the Legion Post 162 get the medal back where it belongs!

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