School officials are investigating after racially inappropriate comments on social media led to a sit in at Timberland High School Wednesday morning.

School officials said the sit-in started with eight students and eventually grew to about 30. The protest remained peaceful throughout, and ended by mid-morning after administrators and students talked about their concerns.

School officials said the incident began Friday, when at least one student did not stand for the National Anthem during a Veterans Day assembly. Afterwards, the school said racially inappropriate comments were made on social media.

Response to the comments eventually resulted in some physical altercations, which the school described as some pushing and shoving.

The school has investigated all the incidents, but some of the investigations are ongoing. The school can't say if students have been disciplined.

Timberland High School Principal Kyle Lindquist said members of student council offered to sit down with protest organizers to discuss how to learn from the incidents.

In a letter to parents Lindquist said, in part:

We ask that you use this opportunity to have discussions with your own children about being accepting of all people and remind them how important it is to be responsible and respectful with their use of social media.