O'FALLON, Mo. — For many years, China has been the world’s largest importer of recyclables.

Now, the global recycling market has changed and its affecting many communities including O'Fallon, Missouri.

O’Fallon city officials said all single stream recycling communities will have to make a change and their city is one of those communities.

With this change, people will no longer be able to put cardboard and paper items in their recycling bin to have them picked up. Once the new recycling plan is in place, residents will have to drop those items off at the Environmental Service Department during normal business hours.

O'Fallon will be partnering with the St. Peters recycling plant which already uses a dual stream recycling method.

The communications director for the city of O’Fallon, Tom Drabelle, said he understands this will be a big change for the community but they will still allow some items to be recycled. Furthermore, this was the best option that would save the city money and allow them to keep the recycling program.

"We're going to continue to accept plastic containers glass bottles glass jars aluminum and tin cans can still be recycled curbside, so people can continue to put those in their cans roll them out on recycle day and we will pick them up," Drabelle said.

Some people like Randy Malta who live in O'Fallon said they will adjust to the change but they're worried if they will still be forced to pay the same amount for recycling even though they're receiving less of a service.

"The change – it’s going to make our life a little bit harder but we're very dedicated to recycling. We understand the ramifications of all the plastic, the paper and the cardboard. We understand it has to go somewhere and we're going to want to put that in a place that's proper to take care of our environment as best as we can," Malta said.

People will be receiving letters in the mail that explain the new system. The city of O'Fallon posted a video on their Facebook page highlighting what you can expect.

The changes will take place starting October 29.