OLIVETTE, Mo. - The investigation continues into a double homicide in St. Louis County. Police found the bodies of a man and a woman in a car that belonged to a couple missing from Olivette. However, police have not confirmed those were the people found.

"I wondered, it's been this many days, how they could, what pain they could be in, worried about her worrying," said Michele Laws' mother.

After 72 hours and no word from her daughter, she said her weekend of worry came to an end around dinnertime with one knock at her door.

"A couple of police officers from Olivette came to tell me that they had found the bodies and they assumed it was a man and a woman and apparently it was my daughter and Igor," she said.

Police say her daughter Michele Laws and her partner Igor Zhukov were last seen at the QuickTrip at 270 and Lilac last Thursday.


Monday afternoon police confirmed they found the couple's car near the bluffs off Riverview Drive. They have not yet said for sure whether the two people dead inside were them.

"It was so fast and it sounded like some quick disaster because they were not reachable, both of them instantly."

Michele's family told 5 On Your Side the couple was out buying and selling phones off the internet when they disappeared.

A practice Michele's mother believes wasn't very safe.

"Igor always said he does it in a safe manner, that he'd be where other people are and inside stores and inside facilities, but I don't think apparently all the times were safe because look where they are so."

Now, she's raising her grandchildren, and left figuring out how they'll move forward as a family.

"We have to try to figure a different life, we have to change the chapters in the book, its hard to believe."