Annie and Preston Crenshaw used to enjoy their evening walks along Goodfellow. But, not anymore.

The sidewalk is filled with the typical roadside trash, like glass, tires and food containers. There’s also some trash that isn’t so typical.

“This was the whole door. Do you hear me? A whole door,” Annie said, pointing to a broken door on the sidewalk.

There is so much trash, Annie sometimes walks in the street to avoid it. She said she first noticed it a couple months ago when there was a car accident. That debris lingered, and it seemed more piled up.

“There was a dresser that fell off of someone's truck, and it sat for two weeks before they came and got it,” Preston said.

The debris is most prominent on Goodfellow, just north of Natural Bridge. The Crenshaws said they have called the St. Louis City’s Citizens’ Service Bureau to file a complaint, but they have not received a response.

“What’s the next best thing to do? We called Channel 5 because we're tired of it,” Annie said.

The Crenshaws said they don’t want to change the route they’ve been walking for almost 40 years, and that no sidewalk should be this dirty.

“I should be able to walk where I want to walk, on the sidewalk,” Annie said.