CASTLE POINT, Mo. — Tens of thousands of people are less stressed after Ameren got their power back on following Saturday's big storm.

But some customers, are less than pleased with their timing.

"This area's always the last on the list, they hit all the other zip codes, and then they finally will end up over here," said Charles Chism. 

5 On Your Side ran into Denise Nelson and her son Charles around 6 p.m. Sunday.

She lives off of Chambers road in Castle Point, and thinks it took Ameren way too long to get there.

"It's unacceptable you know you're paying for your utility bills and you expect that you're going to get some good customer service," Nelson said.

5 On Your Side saw several crews in the neighborhood. One of them put up a sign saying danger high-voltage power line downed right here in this backyard, but in order to fix it, they first had to get through downed tree branches. They say that's one of the reasons restoring power is not an easy fix.

Only a few blocks away. Anita White disagrees. 

"Thanks, Ameren," she said. "Thank you."

She says they get the lights on as fast as they can. 

"I know they had said it was like 30,000 people affected and from seeing the power line. I can just imagine what the job was," said White.

For Denise, it's a system that isn't working, and she's hoping it'll change.

"People may think that we're in the lower class of it all,  you know, that we don't matter but we do matter like everyone else our zip code or the neighborhood we live in shouldn't make a bit of difference," said Nelson.

Ameren said they have more resources currently at work in the Castle Point neighborhood than anywhere else. That is because of the large number of people without power and the amount of damage to the system.

In general, they have a system for how they restore power:

  1. They are most concerned with repairing the backbone of the system. This refers to the higher voltage lines that carry power that is at a higher voltage, before it is stepped down so it can be used by homes and businesses.
  2. They are also trying to make repairs that will restore power for the most people at once. And then they work down to smaller outages.

Ameren says part of what could cause a delay in restoring power for a neighborhood is the amount of damage the system sustained. They say that was a problem in the Castle Point neighborhood with this storm.