ST. LOUIS - A 5 on Your Side review of individual Twitter users identifying with the group Anonymous shows a reluctance to deal with traditional news outlets, but many interactions with Russia's English language RT, which is broadcast in the USA, England and Canada.

A search Monday of for the term "Ferguson" returned over 600 results, while a search for the term "anonymous" brought over 2,100 hits.

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Flipping channels, it's hard to distinguish RT's professional broadcasts with American and British anchors from other 24 hour news channels, but in its online description, the RT acknowledges it focuses on bringing news from "the Russian viewpoint."

The network airs on satellite, online and on cable in several USA markets including Washington, D.C., but not in the St. Louis area near Ferguson.

RT has broadcast screen headlines referring to the group Anonymous as "freedom fighters" and online headlines on the Anonymous efforts in "bringing down regimes."

In turn, Anonymous tweets and retweets many RT headlines.

The operator of the @OPFerguson Twitter account has even tweeted RT directly saying "we need to talk."

When Five on Your Side tweeted the local Anonymous twitter feed @OPFerguson for an interview, we received this response: "you're (expletive deleted) crazy" the tweet read. "For one, we are not even in the US much less in ferguson, second we only meet with big MSMs <mainstream media> we trust."

@OPFerguson did offer to answer our questions via e-mail. RT did not offer to answer any questions.