ST. LOUIS — It's often said it takes a village to raise a child, but that also means the village should step up and help out.

This week is National Safe Place Week, and the St. Louis metro area has a number of locations to assist young people: More than 500, in fact.

Safe Places, a yellow sign plastered on businesses and law enforcement buildings that you're sure to have seen at least once, designates those youth with staff who can put them on the right path to helping them out.

The Safe Place sign, one you're sure to have seen at least once while driving around, are often found plastered on businesses and law enforcement buildings. There, with dedicated staff helping those youth, work alongside Youth In Need, a nonprofit which provides counseling and other necessary assistance.

Thanks to a number of partnerships, St. Louis is the largest Safe Space network in the country. In 2017, 228 young people received help from a Safe Space in both St. Louis and St. Charles County. That number is already at 40 for 2018.

If you or someone you know needs help but can’t make it to a Safe Place:

  • Those in St. Louis city should call (314) 485-4635
  • Those in St. Louis County should call (314) 628-2929, or text '4HLP' to 31658.
  • Those in St. Charles County should call (636) 642-0642, or text 'BSAFE' to 31658.