ST. LOUIS – State Senator Jamilah Nasheed requested Governor Parson declare a state of emergency in the City of St. Louis to address homicides in the city.

“If we can spend billions of dollars to fight the Taliban half a world away, surely we can put a fraction of those dollars to work here at home combatting drug dealers and gangs on the streets of St. Louis,” Sen. Nasheed said. “That’s why I’m asking him to declare a State of Emergency so that local law enforcement and agencies has the resources needed to end the gun violence epidemic in the City of St. Louis.”

In the letter, Nasheed noted that in a single day police found a dead body in the street, a rolling gun battle caused a multi-car crash on I-70, and a man was shot to death outside of a family pizza restaurant in broad daylight.

“By declaring a state of emergency, you will be able to give local law enforcement and agencies the federal and state resources they need to prevent violent crimes,” Sen. Nasheed said.