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'She broke or fractured every bone in her body': Father gives update on 12-year-old hit on Halls Ferry Road

"My daughter will recover. If you know and love God, you got to know He is going to protect that little angel."

ST. LOUIS — Tuesday marked Akeelah Jackson's ninth day on life support, according to her father.

Willie Jackson said his 12-year-old daughter's injuries are "major."

"Both legs are broken in several different places," Jackson said. "Both arms broke, wrists fractured, skull fractured, jaw broke...her teeth. She broke or fractured every bone in her body, except her two feet."

Akeelah Jackson was hit last Monday, while crossing Halls Ferry Road, by a St. Louis County Police officer who was pursuing what the department called a "suspicious vehicle". The chase started in Jennings and crossed the city line. Sergeant Benjamin Granda said technology in the police unit allowed the department to determine the chase lasted 32 seconds.

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Sgt. Granda also confirmed the officer involved did not activate emergency lights and that the dashboard camera was not on at the time of the incident. He later added the camera was not on because the department is working to roll out new technology and that officers have not been trained on how to use the dash cameras. 

The department has its policy concerning pursuits on its website.

A portion of that policy states:

"The use of siren is not necessary unless the vehicle fails to yield or the attempt to stop the vehicle requires a violation of traffic laws on the part of the officer. In that event, both the lights and siren should be activated."

Sgt. Granda confirmed the officer did not catch the vehicle it was pursuing. He also said the technology in the car clocked the police car going 59 miles per hour in a stretch where the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. 

The department placed the officer on administrative leave following the incident, and Granda confirmed Tuesday that the officer is still on administrative leave. He also said the department's internal investigation is still ongoing.

Jackson said he has questions about the incident leading up to the crash, but he said those questions will have to wait. Right now, he said his focus is on his daughter's recovery. In addition to her injuries, he said he is concerned about swelling in her brain and her lungs.

Despite all of this, Jackson said there is no doubt in his mind his daughter will survive this.

"My daughter has life," Jackson said. "My daughter will have life. My daughter will recover. If you know and love God, you got to know He is going to protect that little angel."

If you would like to help with the rising medical costs, you can give to the family's GoFundMe page.

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